We Want A King!

That was the cry of the Israelite people that echoed in the prophet Samuel’s ears.  But what they didn’t know was they already had a King – God Himself!  A heavenly King that was far better than anything they could ever have on earth.  So, it was up to Samuel to remind them that God was their ruler.  But would they listen?  Or would they choose to follow a man instead?  Find out the answers with Charlie, JJ, Tilly, Kizzie, and OBIE in the exciting story of Saul, First King of Israel!

Bible Story Time
Saul First King of Israel DVD

Saul First King of Israel David's Road to Kingship Trilogy, Episode 1

3D Animated Bible Story DVD Includes Exciting Bonus Material, Back in Bible Times and a Parent Companion Guide.


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The Teacher

DVD Bonus materials

  • Back in Bible Times
    • Twelve Tribes
    • Promised Land
    • Anointed with Oil
    • Sacrifices
  • Scripture Memory Song (God’s Word in Music)
  • 10 Story Specific Vocabulary Words
  • Collectible Parent Companion Guide
  • 3 Bonus Songs