Saul First King of Israel

Saul First King of Israel

Saul First King of Israel "David’s Road to Kingship Trilogy, Episode 1" 3D CGI Animated Bible Story DVD.

Kids in Faith is busy developing exciting, wholesome, and Biblically accurate
products to bring families closer to God and each other. We are honored to
announce that our first story “Saul, First King of Israel” was recently “Dove Family” approved by the influential Dove Foundation.

KiF brings the Bible to life through digital media with entertaining and interactive biblical content for young children. Harnessing the latest technology and trends, our team infuses color, character, animation, music, and gaming into the book that
already gives the most life – the Bible.  We teach kids to “Open Bibles In
Expectation,” trusting that God’s Word never returns void.

Multi racial hands-edited

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